chica morena

i'm andrea. and i'm the girliest athlete/nerd you'll ever meet. twitter: @aisforandrea

volunteering, hmmm…

So i’ve decided that to make my life a little bit easier when it comes to college applications and getting scholarships, i need to build up my extracurricular activities (EC’s). Right now, I feel like I have a good amount - varsity basketball captain, key club board member, national honor society, summer basketball camp volunteer, blah blah blah… But something tells me that this stuff isn’t enough. I’m trying to stand out, so I need to do more than everyone else is doing. 

After a bunch of searching and asking around, it seems like the quantity of EC’s isn’t nearly as important as the quality. I need to be able to pin point my interests and then find a way to serve the community within that interest, you know what I mean? I love sports, fitness, health, and everything to do with that, so I think I already know what area I wanna go into. I’m thinking about getting involved with the Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” organization that helps fight against childhood obesity. It’s just so hard to find a way to volunteer though! 

I’m gonna to some more searching on the internet and see what I can find. Hopefully this will help me stand out and get those full ride scholarships!